600 Lateral Thinking Questions Plus A Treasure Hunt

THIS PUZZLE BOOK is probably the most delightful, amusing, bamboozling, fascinating, tantalizing, stimulating, baffling, entertaining, mysterious, flabbergasting, mind-bending, fiendish and thought-provoking puzzle book EVER!

The 600 problems cover a huge variety of different topics and types. From fun and amusing questions to tricky conundrums and tough-to-solve puzzles. From word games to trivia, from mystery stories and real-world examples to brain-tickling aenigmas. There are mysteries, detective stories, riddles, brainteasers, intrigues, logic challenges, critical thinking and problem-solving.

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There Is Something For Everyone
These puzzles will entertain you, boost your mental powers, inspire your creativity, encourage you to rethink and test your assumptions and help you to tackle problems in different ways. They promote imagination, inspiration, ingenuity and inventiveness.

Some of the questions may seem weird, illogical, bizarre, contradictory or improbable at first. Some are written in ways that challenge your assumptions, but they all include all the information you need and there are explanations and answers for each. The questions lead to a treasure hunt at the end of the book.

Who Is This Suitable For?
Whether for occasional browsing; or a train journey; or as a source of stories, quiz questions and jokes to share with your friends and family; or as a distraction; or as a present for that person you cannot think what to buy!

Here are some one liners

What is the next letter in this sequence? O, T, T, F, F, S, S, ……..
Why did a prisoner phone his wife and tell her the money was buried in the vegetable patch?
How did a horse, tied to a 10 foot rope, reach a pile of hay 20 feet away?
Why are so many young children taken to be interrogated by an old man in a cave?
How can the following formula ever be correct? 6 x 6 = 18
What is 3/7th chicken, 2/3rd cat and ½ goat?
Which country has a wife carrying race and what is the winner’s prize?
On May 22nd 2010 what did someone buy with 10,000 bitcoin, (now worth over £300,000,000)?
Which English word is pronounced the same when you take 4 of its 5 letters away?
Why is a scarf, hat, carrot and 3 round black stones lying on the lawn?
According to legend, why is a portrait of James, Duke of Monmouth, painted in 1695, so unusual?
Why did the police arrest a man who ran into a hospital asking “Who shot her?”

9 Reasons To Buy

Why buy this book?

  1. For entertainment and enjoyment and to challenge and amuse your friends.
  2. To stimulate our thinking. Our brains should be given daily doses of exercise. Like our body, our mind needs regular workouts. A great way to do this is by diving into interesting puzzles and games.
  3. To keep our brains active, which seems to reduce the risk of developing common causes of mental illness that affect a person’s thinking and behavioural skills.
  4. To help with decision-making. Solving puzzles and tackling lateral thinking problems often calls for out-of-the-box, strategic thinking and creative problem-solving.
  5. For the excitement and pleasure of working on, and sharing, challenges that can reduce boredom and help us to feel happier. Like a board game the questions can provide a fun family or team game.
  6. To help us to think more systemically and see the big picture
  7. To improve our concentration, memory and logic.
  8. To appeal to our curiosity and give us a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.
  9. To challenge yourself and disrupt your “business-as-usual” way of thinking and viewing things.


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