Introducing the author of MORE from LIFE book!

INTRODUCING Malcolm Bronte-Stewart - The Ayrshire author of "More From Life" Book.

Malcolm had always lived an active life, cross country running, he was a ski & canoe instructor, running outward bounds courses and enjoyed relaxing trout fishing. Malcolm is an outgoing, friendly, approachable professional. Who is extremely passionate about helping people live healthier longer more fulfilling lives!

Just by making small changes that could make a HUGE difference!

Following an accident falling off a horse, Malcolm fractured his pelvis. Which had to be surgically repaired with metal plates and screws which meant he couldn't go to work or exercise. He gained weight, was eating too much processed junk food and drinking too much wine, which became a habit.

He became anxious, stressed about work & unable to sleep, worrying about his own health, he developed palpitations. He was shocked to learn he had developed high cholesterol and was pre-diabetic. This health scare prompted Malcolm to read extensively about health and well-being.

He researched and sifted through health journals and scientific papers, his late father died when Malcolm was 11. He knew his father had published medical and science papers back in the 1950s with pioneering research about the link between salt intake and hypertension. His mother was an eye doctor in the NHS until she was 70 her research into scurvy and diabetic eye disease confirmed the importance of nutrition. Which explained why throughout most of his childhood they had eaten a mostly plant-based diet.

His job as university lecturer meant he could research the most recent up-to-date studies and easily sift out the nonsense being peddled.

Author Malcolm Bronte Stewart has developed a series of comprehensive assessments, included in the book, to give you a clear picture of your wellbeing and status across all 5 sectors - Mind, Nutrition, Body, Exercise and Habits. That lets you discover your scores for each one! You can go on to beat those scores and achieve new levels. Making this the ideal Christmas Gift!


What's Your Score?

Measure and learn about your health and wellbeing. Discover your strengths and weaknesses. This book provides comprehensive questions, assessments and evidence. To help you to live a longer, more enjoyable life.


The book provides multiple ways to evaluate yourself and gain vital insights.To give you a clearer, more holistic and systemic appreciation of your strengths and weaknesses. And what you can do to feel better, and get better!

Take the 7 Day Challenge! Know your scores. Recommendations follow that are tried and tested. It REALLY works! You can use these scores to benchmark your success. You can then go on to take the 7 week and 7 month challenge if you wish to progress and level up, and see for yourself how much your scores improve. It's never too late to start!

Create improvements, based on up-to-date research that highlights the importance of lifestyle choices! Looking after your mind, body, fitness, nutrition & habits. Paying attention to all these interconnected aspects, helps you to get better! They impact and affect each other.


This book is suitable for everyone: Young & old, fit or unfit, families and/or individuals. With recommendations and tips on how to live a longer, healthier, more fulfilling life.

This book is for coaches, athletes, gyms & personal trainers, health professionals & health educators, schools, universities and other educational facilities, alternative therapists & holistic sector workers, chefs, foodies, health & wellbeing enthusiasts, life coaches, office workers, anyone in addiction or in recovery and anyone interested in taking preventative measures NOW to improve YOUR health & wellbeing & help others (your loved ones) do the same.

Making this the perfect Christmas Gift!


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